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Can you name the Zelda bosses by these terrible clues???

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The huge purple abdomen might help killing this...
Spirit Tracks 
I'll kill you, then wonder why I have an eye on my back.
Twilight Princess 
Squish, squish, ZAP, squish!
Oracle of Ages 
Thanks for freeing me, now CHASE ME! >:O
Majora's Mask 
*Sticks arrow up nose*
Wind Waker 
Om nom Gorons nom! :D
Ocarina of Time 
You know, he could probably eat you.
Link's Awakening 
I swear, if I see another boss with this name...
Oracle of Seasons 
Twinrova's pet?
Phantom Hourglass 
You don't want to meet him in a dark alley, but you probably would.
A Link to the Past 

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