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Can you name the things beginning with W.S.?

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Baseball's fall classic
Home of Olympia and Sporcle
Stratford-on-Avon's great playwright
Disputed territory in Morocco
The largest known species of fish
US rapper and Oscar-nominated actor
Type of letter-grid puzzle, seen in newspapers and magazines; also occasionally on Sporcle
Traditional veal dish from Vienna
James T Kirk in real life
Sport invented on Lake Pepin, Minnesota
US actor and martial artist, jailed for tax evasion
Movie in which nerds make their dream woman
Unit of measurement for photo flashes, equivalent to the Joule
Aquatic mammal found in the Antarctic
Scottish writer of Ivanhoe, among other novels
Top Dutch midfielder, now based in Qatar
British 20th Century male dancer and populariser of ballet
Macbeth's witches call themselves this
Little Texan giant of the saddle
Narcissistic Sporcler who couldn't resist including himself in a quiz

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