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QuestionAnswerExtra Info
Author's name, J:
Author's name, R:
Author's name, R:
Author's name, T:
Country of birth
Year of Birth
Father's name
Mother's name
Brother's name
Main grammar school attended
JRRT's guardian after being orphaned
QuestionAnswerExtra Info
Oxford College attended as undergraduate
Wife's maiden name
JRRT fictional character based on his wife
JRRT served in this WW 1 battle
First university to appoint JRRT as professor
JRRT's first son:
JRRT's second son:
JRRT's third son:
JRRT's daughter:
First 'Middle-Earth' work to be published
Final academic post was at ___ University...
QuestionAnswerExtra Info
...where he was ___ Professor of English Language and Literature...
...and belonged to this informal creative writing club...
...of which the other most famous member was...
...known by JRRT as ___
Most famous published work (in 3 volumes)
Semi-autobiographical short story
Town in which Mr & Mrs JRRT lived on retirement
Year of his Death
Place of Burial
Official Biographer

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