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Formed by three Berklee graduates, this band is often considered the pioneer of progressive metal.
His debut album was the first ever record to be released on the Virgin Records label.
As evidenced by their first big single, the lyrics of this popular progressive metal band often deal with drug-related themes.
Their first singer went insane after their first album, but that didn't stop the band from becoming one of the most distinctive and influential.
This female-fronted prog rock band derived its name from a Terry Riley minimalist composition.
Getting their name from a Tolkien novel, this group was among the very first 'neo-prog' bands.
This female singer-songwriter was discovered at the age of 16 by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour.
Their first drummer was John Rutsey. Their second has become a rock legend.
This trio was prog's first 'supergroup', featuring members from The Nice, Atomic Rooster and King Crimson.
This quintet's first lineup in 1969 was completely different from their 'classic' lineup in 1971. No wonder their name is a synonym of 'rebirth'...
This band's second album, released in 1967, was recorded with the London Festival Orchestra.
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One of the most popular current progressive rock bands, their recent albums have included guest spots by Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew and Alex Lifeson.
This band's 'classic' lineup featured a saxophonist but no bassist. No static, either.
This band is named after a 17th Century agriculturist, and not a band member.
This 'easygoing' band was founded by three brothers and 'three friends'.
Popular in their own right, members of this band went on to join King Crimson, Asia, the Moody Blues and the Buggles among others.
Originally fronted by a singer from Zanzibar, this quartet remains one of the best-selling bands of all time.
Their one big hit included no lyrics but a whole lot of yodelling.
This band has gone through several complete lineup changes with the only constant being guitarist Robert Fripp.
Almost all of the lyrics from this band's albums have been in a fake language called 'Kobaian'. No, it's not Sigur Ros.
This band's first singer was the second member (on an album) to leave. Their second drummer (on an album) was also their second lead singer.

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