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Though mainly a metal band, their one hit was the power ballad 'To Be With You'This Scottish band's biggest U.S. hit also cites the name of the band itself
The first single from the Pixies' 'Doolittle'Robert Plant's biggest 1988 solo hit
This harmonica-laden song was one of the Beatles' very first recordings with Ringo Starr The Culture Club's first North American single
What's puzzling you? This classic Stones song was largely influenced by Bulgakov's 'The Master and Margarita'This 1988 INXS hit had a video directed by Joel Schumacher
There were no family members in this band, best known for We're Not Gonna Take It'This band, best known for 'We Are Family', were indeed mostly family
These pioneers of jazz rock scored a grammy for their song 'Spinning Wheel', and another for their eponymous album'Shout' if you can't name this popular '80's band
'Higher Ground' and 'Superstition' were big hits for this 'little' legendPerhaps surprisingly, this was the only U.S. top ten hit for Oasis
Lieber and Stoller were behind the bars of this 1957 Elvis Presley hitThe Bill Haley version of this 'timeless' song is one of the earliest rock 'n' roll records
'You're So Vain' singer'Mrs. Robinson' singers
Warren Zevon's 1978 hit. Awooo!Clash album featuring 'Spanish Bombs' and the title track
Sublime's biggest hitSong from the Beatles' 'Revolver', a hit single ten years later
It was 'Risky Business' for Bob Seger not to take a writing credit for this 1979 hitThis hit for Chuck Berry was later covered by ELO and the Beatles, among others
BeforeBefore and After AnswerAfter
The Irish lead singer of Them. Oh, and he's had one hell of a solo career too.The Doors' fifth album
Where would rock be without this breakthrough hit by Nirvana?Where would Norman Greenbaum be without this one great rock hit?
He sang for Faces and the Jeff Beck Group before becoming a solo iconBest known as the Police's drummer, he now composes for film, TV and theatre
Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord's first bandPrince's seminal 1984 album and film
1980 hit single for Rush1984 hit single for Queen
'Your Song' was just the beginning for this singer/pianist. Yes Sir.He drummed for Led Zeppelin until the day he died
Heart's first U.S. top ten singleThis big '90s hit for R.E.M. is ostensibly about Andy Kaufman
'One' was an apt title for a single from this U2 album, given its surge to the top of the record chartsThis frequently covered song is often considered Peter Frampton's masterpiece
Band best known for 'Holding Back The Years'A hit for both Neil Diamond and UB40
'God Only Knows' the name of this Wilson brothers' bandWith 'the', Don Henley's big hit of 1984
The Smashing Pumpkins broke through with this 1993 albumThough only a modest hit upon release, this first single from Aerosmith still receives frequent radio play
Long running band, probably best known for 'Listen To The Music'Dire Straits album that spawned the hit 'Money For Nothing'

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