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Can you name the famous novel from its anagram?

Quiz Updated Apr 8, 2016

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AnagramBook TitleAuthor
Greet With HushingBrontë
Glass DaughterRand
Alarm SirensEliot
No Lass VendorsLawrence
Dim HeartsDickens
A Fatal Worm ReelsHemingway
Feral PieNabokov
Daily SayingFaulkner
Frothed FolliesGolding
The Tasty BeggarFitzgerald
Wander ApaceTolstoy
AnagramBook TitleAuthor
Moon JetsFielding
Impaled FranksAusten
Precinct of OrcaMiller
The GrantersCamus
The Cavern SiestasRushdie
Forsaken HatredsConrad
The Shining PaletteOndaatje
Lever Drawn BowHuxley
The Rectal SettlerHawthorne
Sly UsesJoyce
Rue Hued ObjectsHardy

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