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Who is the Family Guy?
What year did Family Guy officially premiere?
Where does Family Guy take place?
Where did Peter work at as a product safety inspector
Where was Lois Griffin born?
How does Lois make money?
What is Peter's favorite beer?
Spell Lois's maiden last name?
What is Brian's favorite drink?
How old is Chris Griffin?
Who voices Chris Griffin?
Who voices Meg Griffin?
What did Peter experience for the first time at age 30?
How old is Brian?
Where do the guys like to go for some drinks?
Who is the bartender at the bar?
What is the name of the pub that Peter makes in his basement?
Family Guy was canceled early on (True or False)?
How much is spent on making each episode of Family Guy?
How many countries have banned Family Guy?
Family Guy started as a Cartoon Network short in 1997 called what?
In the Family Guy pilot, who voiced Meg Griffin?
Family Guy was nominated for a Best Comedy Series Emmy Award in what year?
In the episode '8 Simple Rules For Buying My Teenage Daughter' who wins the puking contest for the piece of pie?
What is the Giant Chicken's name?
Why do Peter and Ernie get into a fight in the first place?
What is the name of Herbert's dog?
Who does the voice for Cleveland Brown?
Where does Chris run off to when he gets beat up on his first day of high school?
What is Cleveland's occupation?
What is the name of the BBC show that Stewie falls in love with?
What is Peter Griffin's true full name after finding out his true Father?
Where did Seth McFarlane go to college?
How many years (seasons) was Bonnie pregnant?
How many times has Family Guy been sued for copyright infringement?
The show's opening number starts at the piano as a homage to what other older television show?
Where was Peter born?
How old is Quagmire?
What is Stewie's middle name?
What state was Cleveland born in?
Quahog is not a real town, but the skyline shown in the show is a copy of what city?
What kind of car does Brian drive?
Lois's Father offered her how much money as a wedding present while turning it down?
How much money did Carter offer Peter to not marry Lois?
How many times has Brian been published?
How did Stewie end up with a football shaped head
Two people have mistaken Stewie's time machine for a bathroom, who are they?
What is the name of the girl who bullies Meg?
What is the giant chicken Ernie's wife's name?
What is Quagmire's Daughter's name?
What is the name of the guy that replaces Cleveland when he moves?
As of 2013, how many 'Road to' episodes are there?
What song does Peter sing after he scores a touchdown?
What does Peter go to his high school reunion as?
What was the name of Brian's dumb girlfriend?
Fill in the blank, 'Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. ___________'
Fill in the blank, 'That really grinds my ______'
What is Stewie's email address?
What is Brian's Mother's name?
What is Peter's evil twin brother's name?
Name Peter's Step-Father
What is the name of Tom Tucker's son?
What high school nerd has a crush on Meg?
What religion is Peter?
What religious heritage is Lois?
Who does the voice of Jillian?
What is Glen Quagmire's doorbell?
What was Stewie's babysitter's name?
What was Carter Pewterschmidt's prize winning dog's name?
What is Stewie's younger brother's name?
What episode did Stewie's brother first make an apperance?
What is Brian's son's name?
Who is the Mother of Brian's son?
In the Multiverse episode, why did Brian and Stewie visit the first alternate universe in the first place?
Why type of dog is Brian in the Reverse Universe?
How many universes did Brian and Stewie travel to in the Multiverse, including their own?
How much does Mayor Adam West weigh when he explains that he is 95% helium in the Multiverse episode?
In the original version of the song 'All I Really Want For Christmas', what two celebrities does Peter want in their socks?
Stewie's voice is based on who?
Who is Seth McFarlane's favorite character on the show?
TV Guide ranked Family Guy as the ____ greatest cartoon of all time. (number)
The 'Road To' Episodes are a parody of the seven Road To.....comedies starring?
How many Emmy's has Family Guy won?
What show became a spin-off of Family Guy?
What episode was Stewie's time machine first used?
Why did Stewie use the time machine for the first time?
In the episode 'Chap Stewie', Stewie uses his newly built time machine to become a member of an upper crust British family. Where does he build a time machine to get back?
What country did Peter find and disband in the episode 'E. Peterbus Unum'?
What street is one block over from Spooner Street?
Who is the principal of Buddy Cianci Junior High School?
What is Buddy Cianci Junior High's Mascot?
Who is the Principal of James Wood's Regional High School?
In 'Stewie Griffin, The Untold Story', how old is Stewie's older version of himself?
Tom Tucker appears in an episode playing what game on a Gameboy Advanced?
In the episode 'Into Fat Air', Peter uses climbing Mt. Everest to compete with Lois's ex-boyfriend who is named?
In the episode 'The Grimm Job', what is the third fairy tale that Peter reads Stewie?
Family Guy's theme song was created by?
Stewie's line laugh and cry in the theme song has been mistaken by many for?
Who appears as Tinkerbell during the song 'It's A Wonderful Day For Pie'?
Up through the completion of Season 12, how many total episodes of Family Guy are there?

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