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HintMagical CreatureInfo
A nocturnal bird in the muggle world
Must be given clothing in order to be freed
They run Gringotts wizarding bank
Hagrid's mother is one
There is one for each Hogwarts house
Giant fire breathing creature
Remus Lupin is one
You don't want to be kissed by one
Hagrid's friend Aragog
Can only be seen by those who have witnessed a death
Professor Quirrell set one loose in Hogwarts
The entrance to Dumbledore's office is a statue of one (films)
Mascotts of the Bulgarian Quidditch team
Blood sucking creature
Horse with a horn
Similar to a ghost
This creature petrified many students
An Irish mythical creature
The Weasley's have many of these in their garden
Dumbledore owns one called Fawkes
Half human, half horse
Live in the lake in the Hogwarts grouds
Half horse, half eagle
HintMagical CreatureInfo
Like a witch but with more warts
A lady with a deadly scream
Lives in the attic of the Weasley houshold
One was in a tank in Lupin's office (books)
A furry, round little creature
A hybrid creature bred by Hagrid
A tree dwelling creature with sharp twig like fingers
Much like a horse
A popular magical creature that appears in muggle stories
A cat like creature
A treasure hunting creature
A fairy like pest
A Jack Russell like creature
Proffessor Lockhart released these in the classroom
Head of a human, body of a lion
A fire dwelling lizard
Much like a crab
A hedgehog like creature
Lurks where blood has been shed
A slimey worm like creature.
Also known as the Abominable Snowman
Looks like it is made of smoke

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