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Name the song that...Song
Kevin sings at the Margarita/Karaoke Christmas party.
Michael sings with Jim at his barbecue.
the employees rewrite for Michael's final Dundies.
Karen sings at Phyllis' wedding
Dwight plays on his recorder for Michael on his birthday.
is played during the Wedding Dance at Pam and Jim's nuptuals.
is playing in Dwight's car while he is distressing during the Fire episode.
Scrantonicity plays on their demo video.
Michael suggests as a song parody in 'Dream Team'. (multiple answers)
Jan's assistant writes about their sexual encounters.
Michael begins singing to keep pace while administering CPR.
Michael changes the lyrics to in order to open the Dundies during season two.
Andy and Dwight serenade Erin with in the break room.
Michael sings while showing off his tickets to Sandals, Jamaica.
Andy sings in a high voice in order to impress Pam.
Name the song that...Song
Dwight plays when Ryan is awarded the 'Hottest in the Office' Dundy.
Andy, two of his buddies, sing to Angela in an attempt to get her to go out with him.
Michael and Holly play as an intro to her first ever staff meeting.
Michael tries to play during the merger, but the CD player doesn't work. Andy then proceeds to sing it.
Michael uses as a send-off to Toby, by changing the words.
Dwight rocks out to in preparation for the sales call with Jim.
Michael has for a ringtone during 'The Fire'.
Phyllis sings at Jim's barbecue.
Dwight plays on his recorder for the children on 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day'.
Jim sings to antagonize Karen in Stamford.
Michael listens to, in 30 second clips, when Carol breaks up with him.
Andy records in four part harmony as a ringtone.
Elizabeth, the stripper, dances to during the bachelor party for Bob Vance, Vance Refridgeration.
was Pam and Roy's song.
everyone, except Toby, sings on the bus to the beach.

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