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ClueFormer nameInfo
Zagreb, Croatia 1867-1918
Jakarta, Indonesia 1619-1942
Istanbul, Turkey 330-1923
Reims, France 80 BC-200s
Tokyo, Japan Pre-1868
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 1926-1991
Seoul, South Korea 1907-1945
Truth or Consequences, USA Pre-1950
Chernyakhovsk, Russia 1336-1946
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel Pre-1950
Chemnitz, Germany 1953-1990
Kinshasa, DRC 1881-1966
Newcastle, UK c.410-1080
ClueFormer nameInfo
New York, USA 1625-1665
Lapu Lapu, Philippines 1730-1961
Bratislava, Slovakia Pre-1919
Cobh, Ireland 1850-1920
Dubrovnik, Croatia 600s-1945
Dushabe, Tajikistan 1929-1961
Mexico City, Mexico 1325-1521
Chester, PA, USA Pre-1682
Almaty, Kazakhstan 1854-1921
Vilnius, Lithuania 1569-1944
Jerez de la Frontera, Spain pre-1500s
Toronto, Canada 1793-1834
Ciudad Guzman, Mexico Pre-1800s

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