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GCSE Geography Paper 2 AQA Case Study Questions (for Hazards and Tourism)

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(JAPAN) What tectonic plates were involved?
(THAI) Is Thailand an MEDC or an LEDC?
(HAITI) How much did the disaster cost the government? ($)
(BENIDORM) Between what decades was Benidorm developed the most?
(LD) What are figures of importance in tourism called?
(HK) When did HK hit Florida?
(HAITI) What is the highest estimate for the death toll?
(HAITI) What is the lowest estimate for the death toll?
(JAPAN) How many died?
(GI) What percentage of the islands are national parks (%)
(BSW) What Australian State did the fires occur in?
(HK) How much did HK cost the us? ($)
(HAITI) How many buildings were damaged?
(JAPAN) How many people were displaced?
(JAPAN) What did the disaster cost the government? ($)
(HK) How many people did HK kill (disputed)
(BSW) When did the Black Saturday Wildfires occur?
(HK) What states did HK hit?
(HAITI) How much of Port-au-Prince was slum housing (%)
(GI) What is the cost to enter the islands? (£)
(THAI) Has tourism helped or made worse Thailand's wealth divide?
(LD) What prompted the conflict?
(LD) How many visitors does the LD get in a year?
(THAI) Is Thailand socially conservative or liberal?
(GI) What famous scientific figure was inspired by the island's unique species?
(THAI) What historic street has been heavily culturally polluted?
(THAI) What is the main type of specialist tourism in Thailand?
(BSW) Were the fires all natural, all human, or both?
(HAITI) What was the average magnitude of aftershocks?
(LD) Who owned the area?
(BSW) How many hectares of land were burnt?
(LD) How many people live in the LD?
(JAPAN) What percentage of people died from the tsunami? (%)
(LD) How much money does the LD make in a year? (£)
(BSW) How many homes were lost to the fires?
(HK) What scale is used to measure tropical storms?
(BENIDORM) Are many jobs reliable or seasonal?
(HK) What top speed did the winds reach? (km/h)
(GI) What ocean are the islands in?
(BENIDORM) Until what decade was Benidorm regarded as a simple fishing village?
(JAPAN) What plate boundary type did the earthquake occur on?
(JAPAN) What magnitude was the initial quake?
(GI) What country owns the Galapagos islands?
(THAI) What island is a popular tourist destination?
(HAITI) When did the Haiti Earthquake occur?
(LD) What area prompted conflict?
(HK) How many homes were left without power?
(BSW) How many died?
(BENIDORM) What examples of cultural pollution are there?
(GI) Are the islands a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
(HAITI) What magnitude was the initial quake?
(BSW) What were conditions like at the time?
(HK) What strength was HK on that scale?
(THAI) What figure is important in Thai culture and society?
(JAPAN) When did the Japanese Tsunami/Earthquake occur?
(HK) In what year did Hurricane Katrina occur?
(LD) What 2012 scheme tried to reduce congestion?
(BENIDORM) What is the climate like?
(BENIDORM) How is the beaches' condition maintained?
(GI) How many passengers can travel to the island on a single ship?
(GI) How many permanent inhabitants do the islands have?
(THAI) What major impact has tourism had on Thailand?
(BENIDORM) How fast are average flights in hours?
(BENIDORM) What percentage of Benidorm's income comes from tourism? (%)
(HAITI) How many were affected by resultant cholera?
(BSW) What was the cost to the government? ($)
(BSW) What were the record temperatures seen at the time? (°C)

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