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English comedian, half of French & ___
Played Jess's boyfriend Russell in New Girl
Former model and presenter of Britain's Next Top Model
Has appeared in films such as Madagascar, Meet the Parents and Night at the Museum
British actress best known for roles in Cold Feet and Cardiac Arrest
Member of the British Royal family, mother of Beatrice and Eugenie
Met his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, on the set of Scooby Doo: The Movie
Anchorman co-star, shares surname with former Australian Prime Minister
Has had parts in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Deja Vu
This star of Legally Blonde won an Oscar for her part in Walk the Line
Appeared on Friends for free after losing a bet to Matthew Perry
Star of 30 Rock and It's Complicated
Comedy Central regular with leading roles in Two and a Half Men and Anger Management
Played Charlotte in Sex and the City
High end fashion designer
Starred in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and played Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies
The louder half of ___ & Teller
Voice of Moe, Apu and Chief Wiggum, among many others, in The Simpsons
Child actress and sister of Elle, played Jane in the Twilight Saga
Best known for her role as Berta in Two and a Half Men

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