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Likes maple syrupNorth America
Trump sees them as a threatNorth America
Hosted 2016 OlympicsSouth America
Birth-country of Arnold SchwarzeneggerEurope
Famous for the chocolateEurope
Known as 'Down Under'Oceania
Loves sheepOceania
Largest country on the planetEurope/Asia
Capital is BudapestEurope
Where Nico Rosberg comes fromEurope
Rumoured to have discovered on Australia firstEurope
Only F1 driver from the country is Robert KubicaEurope
Borders with France and PortugalEurope
Where Kimi Räikkönen comes fromEurope (Scandanavia)
Like colour orangeEurope
Has Sakhir race circuitAsia
Where we say Trump comes fromAsia
A boot (I say shoe, because I ain't American)Europe
Lots and lots of oilEurope (Scandanavia)

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