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Can you name these movies when the titles are replaced with similar, but different words?

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Alternate Movie TitleActual Movie Title
A Dozen Disgruntled Males
Carts of Flame
The Starving Contests
From the Soviet Union with Admiration
My Canine Jump
Celestial Conflicts
An Overpass too Distant
The Typhoon
Dwelling Single
Stooping Bengal, Camouflaged Lizzard
See Who's speaking
The Alumnus
Small Large Male
New York
The City of Brotherly Love Tale
Radio Waves
Jigs with Wild Canines
No Nation for Elderly Males
The Horrible Notification Grizzlies
Incinerate After Studying
The Final Enticement of Jesus
Carol of Dixie
The Love of Jesus
Alternate Movie TitleActual Movie Title
A Thousand Thousand Buck Dame
Small Girl Sunlight
Criminal Bands of New Amsterdam
The Pilot
Sir's Understanding
It's a Great Existence
The Relatives that Attack
Journal of an Angry African American Female
The Crazy Academic
Pacing High
Bewildered and Perplexed
Male Children in the Community
Pillagers of the Missing Chest
Tall Loyalty
Bazaar Rodents
The United States Executive
The Large Freeze
Deadly Infatuation
Sanguine Basic
The Emperor and Myself
Sir James
The Final Movie Screening
Morning of the Deceased

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