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Can you name the Failed Comedy Central Shows?

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Improvised comedy show centered around a dysfunctional mechanics shop and the accident-prone crew that works there2007
Game show where contestants face off in trivia matches against geeks well-versed in music, movies, and television2001-2002
Satirical fake news show with an emphasis on African-American culture2008
Series in which Skyler Stone revealed secrets of his profession by performing confidence tricks, scams and hoaxes2005
Parody of political debate shows such as Crossfire or Hardball2004
Game show starring Jimmy Carr where contestants answer questions under bizarre, painful, or humiliating circumstances2005-2006
Parody of local news coverage following the misadventures of a struggling news team2006
Animated David Cross show about a group of unlikely second-rate super heroes2006
Improvised show featuring the daily exploits of five ex-cons living together in a residential rehab facility2007
Comedy/documentary where young writer Alan de la Pena meets and befriends his childhood idol2003
Series set in an ancient fantasy realm following a reluctant hero in his struggle against an evil ruler2009
Game show where contestants settled personal feuds in the bowling alley2001-2002
Politically-themed animated series following childlike caricatures of the President and his cabinet2007-2008
Musical comedy show featuring a scantily clad truck driver and his drifter pal2007
Series following Michael, Michael and David, three infantile men living together in a New York apartment2005
Short-lived spoof of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy2004
Live action sitcom about the president of the United States2001
Soap opera spoof about a former child star and her attempts to end her marriage to a dry cleaner2000-2001
Hidden camera comedy program originating in Britain2003
Television series following the fake everyday life of comedian Wanda Sykes2004

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