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Forced Order
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Sit Boy!!!
It was an act of self-preservation. I only do it because your father and you were so reckless
Speaking of the staff m'lord, mightn't you remove it? I can't breath
If this is indeed a trap, I will gladly fall into it
No sir, I'm not a ninja
Oh, I knew it. You really are hopeless when Kagome isn't around
You're right. Kikyo was cuter. Much cuter
NO! If you can't go on... then we'll die here together
Hmmm...this doesn't have any meat in it, but it sure tastes good
Stupid is as stupid does. Ye need to learn to be more careful with your speech
I loath all things. I despise every living creature who's bound to time
Do as you see fit. Though I warn you, I shall be the one who destroys Inuyasha
I am not going to kill you - I am going to break you

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