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Can you name the answers to the hardest harry potter questions ever?

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What year did Ollivander's family begin making wands?PS
Where did Harry buy his set of brass scales?PS
What did George promise to send Ginny from Hogwarts while on Platform 9 & 3/4?PS
Who was the second Ravenclaw to be sorted at the Great Feast?PS
What time did Hagrid first want Harry to go to his hut for a cup of tea? (Day & Time)PS
What year was dragon breeding outlawed?PS
What is inside the fish tank in Ron's room during Harry's first visit?COS
How many muggle owners lives did the opal necklace from borgin and burkes claim?COS
At what times was Gilderoy Lockhart signing his book at Flourish and Blotts? (From- to)COS
What was the first password for Gryffindor Tower in Harry's second year?COS
Where is Harry leaving when he notices the writing on the wall?COS
What two animals are needed to make a basilisk?COS
When Hermione went to purchase Crookshanks what tricks were the rats in cages doing?POA
What is the color Sir Cadogan's pony?POA
What kind and color shoes did Rosmerta have on during Harry's first visit to Hogsmeade?POA
What is Fudge's drink of choice at the three broomsticks?POA
What two classes did Hermione have on mondays at 9 o'clock?POA
What does Fudge suggest replace the dementors guarding Hogwarts?POA
What is the name of the pub in Little Hangleton?GOF
What day and time did Ron tell harry that the Weasleys would pick him up for the world cup?GOF
When was the first Quidditch World Cup?GOF
Who did England lose to leading into the Quidditch World Cup?GOF
What drink was Percy drinking at dinner the night before the world cup?GOF
What is the name of the hill where the portkey was placed?GOF
What department does Amos Diggory work for in the ministry?GOF
What was the final score in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup?GOF
What is the last name of the family of muggles tortured at the Quidditch World Cup?GOF
What spell did Ollivander perform to check the champions' wands during the weighing of the wands?GOF
What is Hagrid's Mothers name?GOF
What does priori incantatem mean?GOF
What was the time when Harry used the patronus charm to save himself and Dudley?OOTP
What is the name of the wizard who checks wands at the Ministry of Magic?OOTP
What charm does Hermione cast on the DA coins?OOTP
How many floors are there in St. Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries?OOTP
What plant did Healer Miriam Strout mistake the Devils Snare for?OOTP
While Harry was on his valentines date with Cho where was Ron?OOTP
How many times did Harry's parents defy Voldemort?OOTP
How old was Stan Shunpike, conductor of the knight bus, when taken into custody?HBP
What did Luna say was really excellent for warding off Gulping Plimpies?HBP
Who is the Slytherin quidditch captain in Harry's 6th year?HBP
What does Filch use to check students for dark objects?HBP
Who provided commentary for the match against Slytherin in the 6th book?HBP
According to Luna what conspiracy were the Aurors apart of?HBP
What did Hagrid give Harry for his 17th Birthday?DH
What date is Lily Potters birthday?DH
What date is James Potters birthday?DH
What is the name of the protective waterfall in the vaults of Gringotts?DH
What is the full date of the battle of Hogwarts?DH
What magazine is Dumbledore reading when Snape is complaining after his first interaction with Harry? (Seen in Princes Tale)DH
What font were the American books printed in?

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