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Can you name all the heroes in Heroes of O&C from their Selection Quotes?

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Selection QuoteHero Name
'Neither the pauper nor the king will get out of this world alive!”
'I will gift them my disease!'
'I will walk this world and bring fear to my enemies'
'For the weak, for the weary, for the helpless, FOR THE LIGHT!'
'So, who are we killing today?'
'Long live the queen! Tribe Redtrophi will have our revenge.'
'Consider a quick death of blessing, if you meet me in a battle'
'I'll tear their hearts out.'
'I will deliver them to death's door.'
'Move like the wind and leave no footprints on the sand'
'Their's will be a slow death!'
'The great race of Minotaurs will rise again!'
'Water is King Reega's domain'
'Flesh is fickle, stone is eternal.'
'No one can survive the Eye of the Storm!'
'Tonight, I'll feast off the fresh of fools'
'My blade is at your behest.'
'My prey will have no escape!'
'I am Nature's Fury!'
'I'm one of the best fighters in Haradon. You can bet your life on it!'
'The winds will carry me to victory.'
'A wizard's magic is no match for my swift judgement!'
'Stare into the darkness long enough, and soon the darkness is staring into you!'
'You won't find a better shot than me in all of Haradon my friend!'
Selection QuoteHero Name
Do not be so foolish as to judge a mage's skill by her appearance.'
'Two Javelins better than one!'
'I shall burn my enemies with the fury of a thousand suns!'
'Polyphemous is free, Polyphemous only does what he wants now...”
'The whole world is my battlefield'
'I will bend them to my will or break them, like brittle iron!”
'Who can offer me a real challenge?'
'The Grey Witch is coming for you, huehuehuehue'
'And they will rise from the ashes of what was, to smite their transgressors and reclaim their glory.”
'The bards that be living in the tomorrow will be making a sing of this day!'
'Heed my words demons. You better start runnin'
'I will annihilate those foolish enough to stand in my way.'
'This will be the start of song!”
'The mortals of Haradon will pay for what they've done.'
'I shall strike down any who stand in my way'
'Underestimating me will be your last mistake!'
'You cannot kill what you cannot see...'
'As the master of wood, rock and soil, the earth is at my command!'
'Does all this standing around, have a point?'
'The elements are mine to control!'
'My enemies will pay, in blood.'
'Mercy? Ha! They don't call me Balondis the Merciless for nothing!'
'We will not show mercy.'

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