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Uses explosive collars in Arrow season 1
Suffocates victims and dresses them like dolls.
Roy G. Bivolo
Giant telepathic gorilla
Assassin who wears a facemask and uses a bow.
The demon's head (season 3)
Father of Oliver Queen's best friend
Assassin, tasked with killing a boy who witnessed a murder, who kills his employer
'Some would call me the reverse'
Crazed miracuru mercenary bent on revenge
Chinese woman who Oliver must track down in Hong Kong
'Oliver's psycho ex-girlfriend' -Felicity
Gang of criminals named after playing cards
World's deadliest assassin
Runs for mayor in season 2
Steals a centrifuge for Brother Blood
Boomerang wielding mercenary bent on revenge against A.R.G.U.S.
A metahuman who can transform into gas
Barry Alllen's childhood bully who can turn into steel
Woman who can turn anything she touches into a bomb
Woman obsessed with the Arrow
Killed Patty Spivot's father
Played by Mark Hamill
Uses a cold gun that can slow down or kill the flash
Can create clones of himself

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