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Biggest country by land 
Most populated country 
Smallest country by land 
Country with most letters in its name (1 of 2) 
Most recognized brand in the world 
Most influencial person in Hollywood 
World's richest person 
Owner of Doritos 
Most common element in the galaxy 
Element with the highest melting point 
The galaxy Earth is part of 
Nearest galaxy to ours 
The first Canadien Prime Minister 
Year the USA declared its independence 
Oldest european country (still in existence) 
Person who invented the telephone 
Most commonly used word in the English language 
Banquo and Macduff are from this play 
Author of The Great Gatsby 
Mythical Greek king who slays his father and marries his mother 
Most recent SuperBowl winner 
NHL championship trophy 
Most recognized sports team in the world 
Highest paid athlete in the world 
Official language of Bangladesh 
Most widely used language in the world 
Language used by Julius Caesar 
Person with the earliest cited written records of the most English words 
Most popular religion in the world 
Most used branch of Christianity in the USA 
Name of one of the four Gospels 
Holiest meeting place in Islamic religion 
Highest budgeted movie of all time 
Highest grossing movie of all time (not ajusted) 
Lead actor in The Lord of The Rings 
First James Bond film 
Longest running TV show 
Quoted the most successful TV show of all time 
Most watched season finale of all time 
TV show based on 6 individuals and a coffee shop 
Lead singer from Coldplay 
Best selling album of all time 
Band who sang Enter Sandman 
Most recognized song in the English language 
Just For Fun
The longest English word spelt using only the top row of a standard keyboard 
Unscramble the word: slunpboeld 
Beer company that has a lease on its brewery until the year 10759 
In the year 48900 this calendar will become one year apart with the Gregorian calendar 
Best ever selling video console 
Best selling video game franchise 
Best selling X-Box game 
Year the NES came out 
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