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Can you name the destinations that would be closer to run to then your opponent (read comment)?

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Starting point/DestinationsClosest DestinationDistances
You both start in Washington DC. You have the option of running to Buenos Aires, Argentina or Juneau, Alaska?
From (answer), do you run to Lima, Peru or Sao Paulo, Brazil?
From (answer), which is closer - London, UK or Antananarivo, Madagascar?
Starting from (answer) - should you go to Berlin, Germany or Madrid Spain?
From (answer) - choose from: Istanbul, Turkey or Helsinki, Finland ?
From (answer) should you run to Jerusalem, Israel or Tbilisi, Georgia?
From (answer), where to? Cairo, Egypt or Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?
Starting point/DestinationsClosest DestinationDistances
From (answer) do you go to Kinshasa, DRC or Bujumbura, Burundi?
From (answer) onward to Gaborone, Botswana or Luanda, Angola?
From (answer), you've got a far one: Sydney or Melbourne Australia?
From (answer) are you going to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or Jakarta, Indonesia?
From (answer) do you run to Manila, Philippines or Singapore?
From (answer) which is closer to get to - Bangkok, Thailand or Hanoi, Vietnam?

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