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This country is famous for having invented the Rubik's Cube
This country borders both the Alps and the Mediterranean and its national anthem is called Zdravljica
The country's flag resembles a big yellow light beam, or the rays of the sun
One of the larger countries of Europe, it is connected to three countries where with one is by a bridge
Currently it is only a partially recognized country
This country became an independent state in 1993, a EU member in 2004 and its coat of arms, situated on the flag, is a cross buried in dirt
Most populous European Union country
37% of this island country is only recognized by Turkey
Its flag colours are identical to those of Indonesia and it is situated within the Alps
Its capital is home to the famous Atomium - a building shaped like a giant molecule
Suffered a major food drought in 1932-1933
Its flag is almost identical to that of a Northern African country
This country lies entirely in the Alps and uses the Swiss Franc as currency
The country's Internet TLD is .ba and it was recognized as a country in 1992
This country has the highest GDP per capita in the world
This county's flag can be looked at as a blue triangle over top of the Polish flag
Its country has provided the NHL with greats such as Teemu Selanne and Miikka Kiprusoff
This country is surrounded by over a hundred different islands and the actual sovereign state only covers 5/6 of the island it is part of
A country where many of its citizens do not know how to properly speak the standard language due to its many dialects
Forced into bankruptcy due to global recession
A country where its drivers drive on the left side, its currency is the Euro and it has no affiliation with Guiness Beer
The country's name comes from the words Black Mountain
Its current king is Harald V and its capital spelt backwards sounds like the adverb describing an addition
Within lies its famous Red Light District
Owns the biggest maritime fleet in the world
During the 14th century this northern country was the largest country in Europe
Historically known as White Ruthenia
A founding EU country, it is the home country of Metallica's drummer Lars Ulrich and the group Aqua
One of four countries to have its country name in the capital and having Catalan as its official language
Its language is officially spoken in 8 countries and it hosted the 2004 Euro Cup
Its second largest city shares the same name of a populous Florida city and its capital sounds like: The Simpsons famous bartender's cattle
It has no official state religion and is home to what was one of the biggest Basilicas in the world for hundreds of years
Its currency is the Lats
Its capital is the name of a Hollywood celebrity
Its capital is Tallinn
It would take you on average 10-20 minutes to walk across the country
This country borders the west coast of the Black Sea and its capital resembles that of a woman's name
Its currency is the Lek and its flag contains a double headed bird
This country is situated in south central Europe bordering 8 countries and home to tennis player Novak Djokovic
This country levies no income tax on its population
Its capital spelled backwards means that it 'used to be uncooked'
Oh so famous for their chocolate
One of its cities hosted the 1992 Olypmic Games
Only country to have a checkered pattern on part of its flag
The country's capital is Chisinau and the country is not part of the EU
At one point in time, its land mass covered a quarter of the entire planet's land mass
This country is situated in the Apennine Mountains and is completely surrounded by another single country

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