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Can you name the 75 Dandy Stories from the Final Print Dandy?

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RankingStoryNotable Artists
75Nigel Parkinson, Sam Fair, Malcolm Judge
74Andy Fanton, Bill Holroyd
73Nigel Auchterlounie, Keith Reynolds
72Stu Munro, Wayne Thompson
71Jerry Swaffield, Ken Harrison (reprint)
70Keith Reynolds, Ron Spencer (reprint)
69Ken Harrison (reprint)
68George Martin (reprint)
67Stu Munro
66Lew Stringer
65Mike Donaldson, John Geering
64Nigel Parkinson, Jimmy Hansen
63Charles 'Chic' Gordon (reprint)
62Ken Reid (reprint)
61Bill Holroyd (reprint)
60Allan Morley (reprint)
59George Martin (reprint)
58Alexander Matthews, Jack Prout, Charles Grigg
57Nigel Auchterlounie, Dave Mostyn, Gary Boller
56Unknown, Allan Morley, Tom Paterson, Phil Corbett
55Nigel Auchterlounie, Bill Holroyd
54Nigel Parkinson, Rob Lee
53Alexander Matthews, Ron Spencer
52Jamie Smart
51George Martin (reprint)
RankingStoryNotable Artists
50Wayne Thompson, Jimmy Hansen. David Sutherland
49Nick Brennan, Vic Neill (in other comics)
48Andy Fanton, Allan Morley, Bill Holroyd
47Duncan Scott, Wayne Thompson (reprint)
46Andy Fanton
45Ron Spencer, Steve Beckett (reprint)
44Dave Mostyn
43Nigel Auchterlounie, Fred Sturrock
42Lew Stringer, Charles Grigg
41Wayne Thompson
40Lew Stringer, Allan Morley
39Nick Brennan, Gary Northfield
38Nigel Auchterlounie
37Wayne Thompson
36Wilbur Dawbarn, Ron Spencer
35Karl Dixon
34Ken Reid, Frank McDiarmid (reprint)
33Ron Spencer (reprint)
32Nigel Auchterlounie
31Andy Fanton, Ken Harrison, Dan Gaynor
30Jamie Smart, George Ramsbottom, Dudley D. Watkins
29Wayne Thompson, Paddy Brennan
28Jamie Smart
27Ken Reid (reprint)
26Eric Roberts (reprint)
RankingStoryNotable Artists
25Alexander Matthews
24Lew Stringer
23Paul Palmer, George Martin
22Nigel Auchterlounie
21Nick Brennan, Tom Paterson (reprint)
20George Martin (reprint)
19Wilbur Dawbarn, Bill Holroyd
18Nick Brennan
17Laura Howell, Allan Morley, Sid Burgon, Stephen White
16Wayne Thompson, Jack Prout, Keith Robson
15Wilbur Dawbarn
14Jamie Smart
13Jamie Smart
12Nigel Parkinson
11Nigel Parkinson, Barrie Appleby
10Wayne Thompson, Jimmy Hughes, Sid Burgon
9Lew Stringer, Hugh Morren, Brian Walker
8Nigel Parkinson, David Law, Steve Bright, Karl Dixon
7Wayne Thompson, John Geering, Andy Janes
6Paul Palmer, Jimmy Hughes
5Nigel Auchterlounie, James Crichton, Charles Grigg
4Bill Holroyd, Steve Bright, Nick Brennan, Stephen White (reprint)
3Eric Roberts, Terry Bave, Stephen White (reprint)
2David Law, Jimmy Hughes, Nigel Auchterlounie (reprint)
1Ken Harrison, Dudley D. Watkins, Jamie Smart, David Parkins

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