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Notable ArtistsStoriesHints
Nigel Parkinson, David Law, Barrie Appleby, David SutherlandHad two TV shows on CBBC, written currently by Nigel Auchterlounie.
Nigel Parkinson, Jim Petrie, Ken Harrison, Tom PatersonShe's rather fond of her beret, was reduced to one page in late 2012.
David Sutherland, Mike Pearse, Leo Baxendale, Nigel ParkinsonSimper Fungus, formerly known as 'When the Bell Rings'.
Barrie Appleby, Robert Nixon, Ken Reid, Frank McDiarmidKnown for his sneaky ways to bypass chores and work.
Wilbur Dawbarn, Malcolm Judge, Vic Neill, Nick BrennanThe World's Fastest Boy, has a brother called Alfie.
Dave Eastbury, Malcolm Judge, John DallasHas an obsession with football, his best friend is called Benji.
Laura HowellWinners of the 2010 Comic Idol, had a spin-ff series in The BeanoMAX about the History of Violence.
David Parkins, Tom Paterson, David Sutherland, Hunt EmersonEx-Beezer & Topper time-traveller, first appeared in reprints before changing to new stories.
Barry Glennard, Barrie Appleby, Tom PatersonBeen living in Edd's head since 1994 after moving from The Beezer.
John Geering, Steve Bright, Wayne ThompsonReprint, started off in Nutty and then moved to The Dandy.
Laura Howell, John DallasEx-Topper character, also known as Gordon Bennet or 'Gogs'.
Alexander MatthewsStrong and a tad thick, first new original character since early 2012.
Hunt Emerson, Laura HowellThe vermin of Beanotown. Keef, Rod, Herman and Patti.
Notable ArtistsStoriesHints
John Geering, Laura HowellOne of two reprints added, characters include: Boris, Frankie and Sabre.
David Sutherland, Vic NeillOne of two reprints added, Ill Will, Ugly Jack Bacteria, Iris the Virus, Jeremy Germ.
Dave MostynTo tie in with Britain's Got Talent, arguably the most forgettable strip of 2012.
Nigel ParkinsonThe tragic mascots of the London 2012 Olympics.
Lew StringerStock-piled, characters included: Waterboy, Bananagirl, Stinkbomb.
Tom Paterson, Steve Bright, Henry DaviesReprint, arguably one of The Beano's most popular characters, incredibly unlucky.
Barrie Appleby, Jimmy Hansen, Nigel ParkinsonThe spin-off adventures of everyone's favourite Abyssinian Wire-Haired Tripe Hound.
Laura Howell, Leo Baxendale, Ron Spencer, Hunt EmersonFunsize Funny, everyone's favourite redskin chum, currently written by Andy Fanton.
Barrie ApplebyFunsize Funny, funny news broadcasts about dogs.
Paul Palmer, Jerry SwaffieldFunsize Funny, spin-off series with Bash Street School's dumbest pupil, had a smart brother called Norman in its first series.
Lew Stringer, David SutherlandFunsize Funny, pork-bellied pig with an unhealthy obsession with turnips.
Laura Howell, John SherwoodFunsize Funny, a kid with a big imagination, his father is obsessed with Elvis Presley.
Steve BeckettFunsize Funny, first new original Funsize Funny, about an elderly lady who loves to live life on the extreme.
Notable ArtistsStoriesHints
Wayne Thompson, Dudley D. Watkins, David Sutherland, Sid BurgonFunsize Funny, took over the cover from Big Eggo, his best friend is Buster.
Paul PalmerFunsize Funny, the adventures of the Bash Street School cat and his lazy owner, The Janitor.
Nigel Auchterlounie, Gordon Bell, Nigel ParkinsonFunsize Funny, characters include: Bones, Pug, Tubby and Manfrid, also appeared in The Topper.
Nigel Parkinson, Hugh McNeill, Basil Blackaller, Barry GlennardFunsize Funny, 'The Strongman's Daughter', also featured in Sparky, had a series in Wonderland in the 50s.
Wayne ThompsonFunsize Funny, the Beano characters when they were toddlers.
Alexander Matthews, Dudley D. Watkins, Ken HarrisonFunsize Funny, owner of Bunkerton Castle, Ash Can Alley.
Graham HowieFunsize Funny, the adventures of the son of everyone's favourite Abyssinian Wire-Haired Tripe Hound.
Alexander Matthews, Ron Spencer, Henry Davies, Emilios HatjoullisFunsize Funny, the Pest of the West, has a motorised pram.
Paul PalmerFunsize Funny, Bash Street School through cameras.
Nigel AuchterlounieFunsize Funny, one-off to tie-in with Iron Man 3.
Steve BeckettFunsize Funny, one-off to tie-in with the 4th of May (Star Wars Day).
Nigel AuchterlounieFunsize Funny, one-off to tie-in with Star Trek: Into Darkness.

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