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The Greatest of the Spaceknights
This female was the first to wield the Starshine armor
The second person to wield the Starshine armor
Sentenced to death, this Spaceknight was rescued and turned into an evil pawn
The first person to wield the Firefall armor
Earthling duped by Dire Wraiths and grafted to the Firefall armor
Spacknight whose powers were to manipulate emotions
Spaceknight whose main weapon was a stave
This Spaceknight used nets to ensnare her foes
The Unseen
Master of microwave radiation
This Spaceknight had armor that could morph into different modes
The sister of the Spaceknight above. Had passive powers
This Spaceknights armor allowed him to create force spheres
This Shi'ar doctor grafted himself into the armor of a dead spaceknight to liberate his homeworld from Shi'ar oppressoin. He was slain by Gladiator (Kallark)
The first Spaceknight with huge mallets for hands
This Spaceknight planned to lure Rom into a trap to learn Dire Wraith secrets but was slain when he repented of his actions.
The Prime Director accidentally created this evil Spaceknight
Leader of the 2nd Generation Spaceknights that went rogue
2nd Generation Lieutenant that destroyed all the Spaceknights stored humanity
This Spaceknight was slain by Brandy Clark and resistance fighters when she arrived on Galador
He was slain by Ariane on their assault of the Halls of Science
This Spaceknight was called out by name but never pictured except in a multitude shot
Initial leader of the 3rd Generation Spaceknights. Rom's eldest son
Rom and Brandy Clark's younger son
The third person to wield armor code named Starshine
Spaceknight killed in action while on patrol with Liberator
The only member of the Angel Elite to be able to wield Spaceknight armor
The third person to wield armor code named Firefall
The third person to wield armor code named Pulsar
She is the paramour of Rom's younger son
This Spaceknight can open portals
This large Spaceknight also has mallet like hands
The second Spaceknight to fight with a stave and green armor
This Spaceknight was corrupted by the Phalanx and downloaded the transmode virus to the Kree war-net
This Spaceknight was slain by Ko-rel while attempting to capture Nova (Richard Rider)
Current member of the Annihilators
This is the Spaceknights home planet
This group operated as a unit in battle
This is the name given to Rom's former weapon in the Spaceknights mini series

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