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Wake up drunk go to sleep **** up, we both amazed at what we just done
New money new car new crib and you gunna need luggage cuz this here is a trip. meet the buyer frequent flyer loose change wit it need some pliers get a grip
I aint gunna deny it, I be on some fly **** see it and I want it like it then I buy it, you payin for it I can make it priceless, I told you all this money aint for show
You aint sayin nuthin like a **** wit no back you lames stay frontin, you thought you were shinin but what happened
Theres money to be made so im stackin to the sky smokin all day so you know I stay high, bitch im doin me you should be doin you why you hatin on me Im just doin what it do
My weed kicks like Jet Li flicks test me kid slap shots like Gretzky hits, the best kept secrett yes he is the cats out of the bag I puff puff and I pass
Im yung wizzle and imma keep this thing poppin this year my CD gunna be the sickest thing droppin...the way I get that green they say I be Green Goblin
And I hop up out the bed grab my iphone, put some kush in a swisher roll one up
You gotta go through hell to get to big things, and when you feel it cant get worse thats when **** change. Obama president the steelers won their sixth ring, so i aint done trying
Your girlfriend wants me in her mouth like Im her dentist...That a promise not a threat i'll back it up, pockets looking like the old star jones fat as ****
Im livin this movie, you niggaz like TiVo see the same thing twice, nothin like me though
Super fresh and my swag so official, im super fresh and my swag so official. The kush burns I touch more paper than a book worm
My head in the streets, head in the sky, niggaz wanna hate and I dont understand why, Im just tryin to get money and have the whole world remember me touch mine and become a memory
In a year they gunna say I be Michel Phelps and u gunna think to yourself before u jump in the deep end it was said that my city sleepin out of state I had to say what that P meant
She said she want a star and a thug I be wit those, u can watch TV in my car and I rock the cleanest clothes...later u will see that im tryin to get into u since u so into me
I hear a diss followed by another one, **** em, we gettin chips like a **** on a munchie run
Dont know what they hate for Im just gettin my paper maybe theyll love me more when im gone, dont wanna leave but i need to its such a shame, they gunna miss (see answer)
Some say im next to be the greatest, and jealousy comes with success you cant escape it
Yeahhh im high and drunk doin my same dance, they call it Pocohanous, doin that rain dance
I got the heat, cuz Heavy in these streets 'cause / I had a street buzz / before I had peach fuzz
they say the boys sick and they can't diagnose my symptoms, went to see a doctor try and find me a perscription, told him since an early teen, all i seen is the color green

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