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How much do you really know about urination and reproduction?

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narrowing of the urethra
a specialist of the female reproductive system
Removal of the uterus
pus in the urine
excessive urination at night
The medical specialty dealing with the kidneys
Male androgen derived from the latin words for Witness and Steroid Hormone
absence of urine formation
root word for milk
the root urethr/o means
The female ovum or the male spermatozoon
pus (root)
Inflammation of the breast
Inflammation of the uterine cervix
Any disease of the uterus
Gamete-generating organ
The root nat/o refers to
Pain in the uterus
Absence of menstruation
Milk production
pain in an ovary
Normal stopping of the monthly period or menses in females
root word for breast
abbreviation for urinalysis
bladder (suffix)
Low sperm count
An excess of urine in the blood
A physician who specializes in the medical care of women during pregnancy and childbirth
The root for ovary or egg is
inflammation of the kidneys
diminished, but not absent, urine production
An abnormal tipping of the entire uterus backward
inflammation of an ovary
inflammation of the prostate
the medical specialty of dealing with newborns

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