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Abbreviation referring to the left ear
Inflammation of the ear
Abbreviation referring to the right eye
Operative removal of the lens of the eye in pieces
Sensation of spinning that can be caused by an inner ear disorder
A maker of lenses
Surgical removal of the mastoid process
Inflammation of the cornea
Inflammation of the iris
Surgery to correct a defective eyelid
A 'hammer' ossicle bone
Hearing loss that occurs with aging
Surgery on the conjunctiva
Incision through the retina
Ear disease
Branch of medical science concerned with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the ear and its related structures
Physician whose specialty is the treatment of eye disorders
word element dipl/o refers to
Situated outside of the eye
Fluid discharge from the ear
Inflammation of the retina
Referring to tears or the tear ducts and glands
Transparent tissue forming the outer wall of the eyeball; from Latin word 'cornus'
Fuzzy vision caused by the irregular shape of one or both eyeballs
word element blephar/o refers to:
Examination of the eye with an ophthalmoscope
Sensation of noises (such as ringing) in the ears
Surgical removal of the lacrimal sac
Softening of the iris
Surgery performed on the eardrum
Specialty dealing with hearing and hearing disorders
word element opt/o refers to:

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