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Can you name the terms of the Skeletal and Muscular Systems?

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paralysis (suffix)
paralysis of all four extremities
hernia of a muscle
cartilage (root)
inflammation of a tendon
inflammation of the rib cartilage
magnetic resonance imaging abbreviation
thorax, chest (root)
excision of part of the wrist
benign neoplasm of muscle tissue
electromyography abbreviation
fiber (root)
injury to a ligament
inflammation of bone marrow
rib (root)
pain in a joint
slight paralysis on one side of the body
incision into a tendon
movement (root)
pain in a muscle
highly malignant tumor of the bone
formation of cartilage
An abnormal increase in the outward curvature of the spine
bone marrow (root)
inflammation of the tissues around the elbow; tennis elbow
suturing together the parts of a broken bone
atrophy and thinning of bone tissue
muscle (root)
surgical repair of a joint
formation of bone

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