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chest x-ray abbreviation
suffix meaning voice
adjective used to describe something related to the lungs
drug used to expand the bronchi
difficult breathing
an incision into the larynx
absence of breathing
an incision into the trachea to restore airflow
abnormal slowness of breathing
root meaning air or lung
difficult or painful speech
root meaning thorax or chest
tuberculosis abbreviation
root meaning diaphragm
a narrowing of the larynx
root meaning nose
physician who specializes in respiratory/lung disorders
inflammation of the inner lining of the nasal cavity
root meaning mouth or opening
abnormally rapid respiration
paralysis of the diaphragm
lung disease, reversible inflammation and constriction
drug used to reduce a fever
Carbon dioxide abbreviation
abnormal muscular contraction of bronchi
inflammation of respiratory sinuses
suffix meaning breathing
suffix meaning oxygen
inflammation of the larynx
a device used to visually inspect the inside of the bronchi

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