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Can you name the terms of the Integumentary System?

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agent that reduces fever
nail (root)
agent that relieves itching
black (root)
sweat (root)
hair (root)
softening of the nails
fungal infection of the skin
surgical removal of a nail
incision into the nail
wound, injury, or pathologic change in tissue
flat, discolored area flush with the skin; freckle
dry (root)
cell (root)
agent to reduce inflammation
removal of necrotic or dead tissue from wound
surgical repair of the skin
skin (root)
sebum, oil, fat (root)
fatty tissue
inflammation of the skin
profuse sweating
partial or complete loss of hair
chronic skin disease characterized by itchy, red, scaly patches
chronic disease characterized by thickening or hardening of skin
cell that produces melanin
red (root)
benign tumor of blood vessels

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