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Incision into the jejunum
Enlarged liver
Originating in the liver
An adjective describing drugs that relieve diarrhea
Inflammation of the gums
vomit (root)
Excessive vomiting
A specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive system disorders
Fixation of the liver
Difficulty swallowing
A Greek word meaning 'mouth'
Any disease of the pancreas
Another name for the large intestine
The act of belching
Inflammation of the jejunum
Blood in the stool
Inflammation of the mouth
phagia (meaning)
Visual examination of the liver
An essential digestive organ with the root 'stoma'
Loss of apetite
A growth protruding from a stalk in the digestive tract
Inflammation of the bile ducts
Eating disorder characterized by binge eating followed by induced vomiting
-lith (meaning)
Inflammation of the gallbladder
Inflammation of the appendix
A lighted instrument for visually examining the extremities
Impairment of digestion
enter/o (meaning)
Relating to the duodenum
Relating to the stomach
cheek (root)
Inflammation of the peritoneal cavity
Medical term for swallowing

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