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Can you name the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

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narrowing of an artery
widening of the arteries
inflammation of the thymus
enlargement of the thymus
root meaning muscle
inflammation of the heart muscle
heart pain
medical special dealing with blood
heart specialist
suture of a ruptured spleen
any disease of the spleen
atrial fibrillation abbreviation
excision of the spleen
root meaning lymph nodes
destruction of red blood cells
root meaning clot
red blood cell
tumor of the lymph tissue
suffix meaning blood
root meaning vessel
root meaning immune system
root meaning thymus
prefix meaning fast
medical specialty dealing with the immune system
root meaning vein
life threatening reaction to a foreign substance
abnormally low RBC count
medical specialist for blood disorders
root meaning ingest or engulf
any heart disease
suffix meaning a written record
suffix meaning a narrowing
an allergy-producing substance
enlargement of an atrium
substance that produces disease

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