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Can you name the 50 Most Racist Movies (Complex Magazine)?

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Audrey Hepburn1961
Charlton Heston1968
C. Thomas Howell1986
Jim Caviezel2004
Molly Ringwald1984
Wayans brothers2004
Shia LaBeouf2009
Adam Sandler2007
Hattie McDaniel1946
Warren Beatty1998
Liam Neeson1999
Richard Dreyfus1998
Peter Sellers1968
Al Pacino1983
Harrison Ford1984
Marius Weyers1980
Michelle Pfeiffer1995
Denzel Washington1998
Bob Hoskins1990
Tom Hanks1999
Steven Seagal1990
Arnold Schwarzenegger1994
Elizabeth Shue1987
Jim Carrey1995
Robin Williams1992
Tom Cruise2003
Josh Hartnett2001
Queen Latifah2003
Charlie Sheen1989
Jim Sturgess2008
Tim Allen1997
Justin Chatwin2009
Chevy Chase1983
Morgan Freeman1989
Michael Keaton1986
Bette Midler1987
Adam Sandler1995
Victor Wong1992
John Travolta1994
Jim Carrey2000
Jet Li2000
Kristy McNichol1982
Michael Douglas1993
Roselyn Sanchez2003
Sean Connery1967
Zach Galligan1984
Kurt Russell1986
Kevin Bacon1994
Luke and Owen Wilson1996
Mike Myers2008

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