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Can you name the Character who said the title of the episode in two and a half men season four?

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Forced Order
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Working for caligula
Who's vod kanockers
The sea is a harsh mistress
A pot smoking monkey
A live woman of proven fertility
Apologies for the frivolity
Repeated blows to his unfromed head
Release the dogs
Corey's been dead for an hour
Kissing abraham lincoln
Walnuts and demerol
Castrating sheep in montana
Don't worry speed racer
That's summer sausage not salami
My damn stalker
Young people have phlegm too
I merely slept with a commie
It never rains in hooterville
Smooth as a ken doll
Aunt myra doesn't pee a lot
Tucked taped and gorgeous
Mr. mcglues feedbag
Anteaters they're just crazy lookin
Prostitutes and gelato

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