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Forced Order
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Ain't never gave nothin to me but everytime I turn around cats got they hands out wanting something from meDefinition of x pick of the litter
What the deal is cats who used to say x is the best know hes still isIt's dark and hell is hot
Take it for what it's worth my birth was a blessing sent to live and die on earth as a lessonAnd then there was x
Places that i've been things that i have seen what you call a nightmare or what i have as dreamsFlesh of my flesh blood of my blood
Suckers actin like they want it ends up in the grave I'm dmx but my name ain't daveThe great depression
Earl simmons aka the dog gettin down for real and goin hardGrand champ
X comes through the hood like here comes trouble year of the dog again first week doubleYear of the dog again
From his camp get the stamp the grand champ it's official think when you die how many's gonna miss youFlesh of my flesh blood of my blood
I look through the 11th floor window take one last puff of the indoAnd then there was x
I like my blunts heavily hashed bitches heavily assed joints ready to stash got em ready to blastThe great depression
Didn't want to play wit me when to show me how no meow it's all about the bark?It's dark and hell is hot
What they dont' know is the bullshit the drama the guns the armor the city the farmer the babies the mamaThe great depression
Dmx and I be the best you see the rest they lookin like they need a restAnd then there was x
One mo time I gots to hit the streets off make the streets talk let em know it ain't a sweet walkThe great depression
It's big dog baby gettin down like what see i'm a thorough bread I don't **** wit mutsGrand champ

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