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Can you name the answers to the questions about the simpsons episode blood feud?

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What disease does Mr.Burns have
What type of blood does Mr.Burns need
What is Mr.Smithers blood type
Who has the same blood type as Mr.Burns
What animal is on the first card Lisa shows Maggie
What animal is on the second card
What does Mr.Burns give the simpsons family in the mail
How many teeth does bart have
What is Lisa's shoe size
What are Bart's allergies
Where does Homer tell Marge she's living after reading the card
What time was it on Homer's watch when he was going to get the letter
What shape is on the third card Lisa shows Maggie
What is the title of Mr.Burns book
What was on the fourth card that Maggie brought to Lisa
How much was the present that Mr.Burns Bought the simpsons

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