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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to the questions aboutt the simpsons episode how the test was won?

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What does principal skinner say the students will be participating in at the end of the month
How long does chalmers say they will be drilling the questions and answers into their skulls
What is today's special in the cafeteria
What did bart write in the ovals on the answer sheet
What fruit does homer mention when he asks who will sell them on the offramp
What are skinner and chalmers throwing for the superstars and where
What is the school bus disguised as
What did chalmers tell skinner he left on the bus
What time is homer not insured till
What did chalmers tell the kids dies if they answer wrong
Where is otto actually taking the superstars
What does marge tell homer he can help her host
What falls out of the shipping container and into the water
What does principal skinner say the kids are too busy doing in school
Whose head does the knife accidentally go in
What does skinner do at the end of the episode

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