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Forced Order
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I wanna break bread wit da cats that I starve with, wanna hit the malls with the same dogs I rob witIt's dark and hell is hot
I speak for the meak and the lonely {uhh} weak and the hungry {uhh} speak for the part of the street that keep it ugly {aight}The great depression
Ain't the first time he ran off shoulda split his **** then hate to think of what he's did and if I catch him slippinAnd then there was x
Stop drop shut em down open up shop oh no that's how ruffryders rollIt's dark and hell is hot
I'm broke so Ima bash his head wide open, beggin me to stop but atleast he died hopinIt's dark and hell is hot
What it is is the biz and it's dirty you'll get rich but life expectancy is about thirtyFlesh of my flesh blood of my blood
It's two o clock and I'm just about to hit the street til I knock off this rock I don't get to eatAnd then there was x
Man listen you cats better walk easy I'm on some positive **** but I still walk greasyThe great depression
What Ima have to do dog run up in yo mess catch you while you comfortable put one up in yo chestFlesh of my flesh blood of my blood
Started getting a little too big for the cage that I been trapped in cats knew it was a problem wnet from robbin to rappinGrand champ
I'm at the crossroads look but I'm not really sure which way to goGrand champ
Hit the bitches went out I could make the crime and when its on we transform like Optimus primeIt's dark and hell is hot
Six number one albums imagine that cats is sick cause dog got his swagger backYear of the dog again
Share my pain make it a little easier to deal with cause despite all the fame you Ima keep it real with itFlesh of my flesh blood of my blood
Too late to send my girl downstairs to say he left to the basement go through the raplacement doorIt's dark and hell is hot

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