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Lacey redecorates the ruby1
A taxman comes to Dog River1
Brent and Hank argue over a shirt1
Brent babysits Wandas kid1
Karen tries to solve a cold case1
Hank has an idea to attract tourists to Dog River1
Lacey's ex comes to look for her1
Brents cousin comes to Dog River1
Oscar is hooked on the claw machine1
The women and Brent start a book club1
The river dogs face their rivals in a hockey game1
Karen goes on a fishing trip with Hank1
Brent tells Lacey about his feelings for her1
Brent and Lacey talk about their relationship2
Emma and Oscar tell Brent they were never married2
Davis regains his sense of smell2
Lacey tells everyone about her phobia2
Oscar finds a pair of pants in a ditch2
Brent buys a big screen tv2
Lacey comes up with a new sandwich2
Brent installs a security camera in corner gas2
Wanda is the new bingo caller2
Hank is not affected by the mosquitos2
Everybody picks teams for the curling tournament2
An american comes to dog river2
Hank wins the lottery2
Brant carries around a one hundred dollar bill2
Lacey discovers the secret behind the towns name2
Hank opens up a business2
Everyone gets ready for the baseball game2
Hank has a girlfriend2
Wanda wears a skirt to work3
Hank thinks hes psychic3
Brent gives up coffee and Emma gives up knitting3
Brent tries to convince his parents to make a will3
Hank is outwitted by a dog3
Brent goes on vacation3
Hank gets a job as a crossing guard3
Brent and Hank try to get their treehouse back3
Brent gets a new camera3
Oscar and Davis get stuck on the roof3
Brent thinks he's losing his hair3
Oscar gets a job as a paperboy3
Lacey tries to go home for the holidays3
Lacey's friend comes to dog river3
Karen tells everyone what sport she used to play3
Wanda is rejected for a credit card3
Brent tries to fix the door at corner gas3
Dog river has a contest3
Brent helps Lacey buy a new car3
Karen cuts Brent's hair4
A dj makes fun of Brent on the radio4
Emma and Oscar get a digital thermostat4
Emma tries to be nicer to Oscar4
Hank tries to demolish a barn4
Karen starts a fundraiser4
Hank becomes a rodeo clown4
Wanda helps Davis with a tax return4
Davis plays a joke on the town4
Wanda and Davis take piano lessons from Emma4
Emma gives Brent's stuff to Hank4
Brent is in the doghouse4
Brent and Wanda find a way to make more money4
Lacey nominates Emma for an award4
Brent watches his first horror movie4
Hank tries to improve his storytelling skills4
Hank steals Emmas slogans4
Wanda and Lacey switch jobs4
Davis becomes Fitzy's body guard4
Brent is chosen to pick a show5
Wanda buys a new phone for corner gas5
Brent, Lacey and Hanks golf games get competitive5
Oscar stays with Davis5
Wanda has a crush on the milkman5
Wanda fills in for Paul at the bar5
Wanda gets hooked on an energy drink5
Brent meets his foster brother5
Brent and Hank invent a new game5
Lacey starts an employee of the month program5
Hank and Oscar start a business5
Lacey gets her future told5
Wanda and Oscar start going to funerals5
Brent, Wanda and Hank get pink eye5
Emma does her christmas shopping early5
Oscar gets a new sidewalk5
Brent creates a legacy5
Davis borrows Brent's car5
Its Brent's 40th birthday5
Lacey is the champion of an eating contest6
Lacey and Brent sponsor Davis's soccer team6
Hank sells his laptop6
The air conditioner breaks at corner gas6
Hank changes his email password6
Hank stays at corner gas6
Oscar has to prove his nationality6
Brent tries to prove he is the biggest riders fan6
Brent gets guitar lessons6
Wanda buys clothes at a thrift store6
Lacey tries to save dog river days6
Brent and Hank have trouble with superstitions6
The people of dog river participate in a contest6
Lacey buys a new house6
Hank buys a robot6
Hank gets himself into trouble6
Emma fills in at the elementary school6
Emma's run as jam queen comes to an end6
Brent tries to pursue his dream6

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