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Forced Order
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'Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright!' 
'We've both said a lot of things you're going to regret.' 
'With the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city as well.' 
'What is a man? A miserable pile of secrets!' 
Yes yes, to you, his outfit might look like some sort of glorious, red military uniform, complete with cap, but to him it is his casual street wear. For fights. Of course. 
Purple? Not so scary. Dragon? Tougher, but could still look silly. Fire-breathing, refuses to die, sometimes part/mostly mechanical? Okay, fine. He's terrifying. 
At first, it's a psychotic clown. Later, it's a purple angel with part-demon wings. And somehow, it's scarier. 
His body looks like standard zombie fare, albeit with giant machete. His angled, metallic face not only distinguishes him, though, but gives him a namesake. 
He's a giant, fat, hammer-wielding, colorfully-dressed penguin. Seriously. 
Though his plans to bring together two parallel worlds is far from original, his motivation (a passionate, somewhat disturbing longing to bring his sister back to life) are what sets him apart. 
Burrowing deep inside the earth, aiding in the development of mankind, then emerging to destroy the planet. To wrap it all up, send your children to more planets to do it again! 
This being wanted to destroy the world of Earth, 199X. Because he was so h...a...p...p...y... 
Destroying enemy humans was this organization's goal. Releasing the Flood on the universe was an unintended side effect. 
Depending on what game you're playing, you'll find him attempting to infect some test subjects with a zombie virus, infect the whole world with an even worse virus, or teaming up with Doctor Doom to bring together dimensions. 
He's used multiple, often animal-powered robots, including a mechanical replica of his spiny nemesis. 
He can afford to use his children as his minions...he has 8 of them, after all. 
In games, space dragons, pirates, and parasites. In a TV series, though, an eggplant wizard and King Hippo. 
You'd think that by the time Cutman was getting beaten by a weapon taken from Gutsman, he'd have stopped equipping his robots with each others weaknesses. 
Whether he's a pirate or a king, he's usually commanding an army of crocodile people, as well as vultures, bees, and gophers. 
After stalking around the planet Aether, she took up residence at the giant, mutagen-based planet Phaaze. 
That Viridian City gym that you can't get into when you first visit the town? Yeah, he's the leader. 
He rules from Mount Olympus, although he's never fought there, instead duking it out at Rhodes, by the Flame of Olympus, and in Gaia. 
This maniacal scientist was banished to the planet Venom, guarding it with a defensive satellite and a fleet at Area 6. 
Sitting on it, encased in it, this cruel, undead monarch probably feels pretty chilly from sitting on that throne all day. 
Signature Move
His Supernova reduces the solar system to nothingness...potentially multiple times in one battle. 
Whether it's his phantom, puppet, or himself, he always goes back to the good old 'energy ball that can be reflected back by a sword.' 
He's had many different ways to deliver finishing blows, but his most recent include turning into a clown and shooting his victims or possessing their body and having them beat the crap out of themselves. 
Although anyone could get access to them, something about the Indian civilization's normally peaceful leader reminding you that his 'words are backed by nuclear weapons' just sticks out. 
Does 'knocking Light Warriors down' count as a signature move? 

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