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Can you name the Skies of Arcadia or Tales of Symphonia?

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Originated on the GameCube
Protagonist wields two swords
Characters have MP for spell usage
A party member uses a staff
A party member has big pigtails
Spoken Quote: 'Fire consume my enemies!'
Spoken Quote: 'Pancake time!'
A party member can steal from enemy monsters
Crystals are a main plot point
The party goes to the moon
The main protagonist has no mother, only a father
Has a bad guy named Vigoro
A party member has green hair
Quote: 'Impossible is just a word to let people feel good about themselves when they quit.'
Has a character named Zelos
Clue or QuoteGameExtra Info
Can earn different titles
Has temple areas, often with puzzle-solving, based off of elements like Fire, Water, or Ice.
Spoken Quote: 'Anyone thirsty?'
Spoken Quote: 'Dance for me!'
Features a type of attack that uses the whole party at once
The name of the world is in the title
The max amount of party members at one time is 4
There are 8 playable characters
Characters can be afflicted by 'curse'
Characters can be afflicted by 'weak'
Scott Menville provides a voice
The game opens with the protagonist being woken up
There are 2 non-boss, ground-based battle themes.
The final boss fight has 4 phases
The game got a sequel

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