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Can you name the official tracks from Doctor Who Soundtracks and other existing songs featured in Doctor Who?

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SceneTrack / SongEpisode
The Doctor regenerates, causing the TARDIS to self destruct.The End of Time: Part Two
Amy discovers a special message on Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'.Vincent and the Doctor
River Song sacrifices herself.Forest of the Dead
This is when we first see Rose.Rose
The Doctor and his companions return Earth to its rightful place.Journey's End
The band on the SS Titanic perform as the Doctor tries to evade security.Voyage of the Damned
The Doctor shows off his skill on the ball.The Lodger
Pterodactyls; steam trains; Romans are Charles Dickens appear together as all of history happens at once.The Wedding of River Song
The Master dances around the ValiantLast of the Time Lords
The Tenth Doctor picks a new outfit.The Christmas Invasion
Davros reminds the Doctor of the people who have made sacrifices for him.Journey's End
Emergency Programme One is activated.The Parting of the Ways
Tallulah puts on a show, while Marth pursues a pig slave.Daleks in Manhattan
Ood Sigma appears before the Doctor, signalling that his time is up.The Waters of Mars
SceneTrack / SongEpisode
Passengers stranded in the Undercity traffic jam sing a popular hymn.Gridlock
Donna agrees to go back in time and stop herself from changing the future.Turn Left
Wilfred visits a church on Christmas Eve, where he is greeted by an ominous chorus.The End of Time: Part One
River Song reveals to Amy and Rory that she is their daughter.A Good Man Goes to War
A wedding party is in full swing, while the Doctor reminisces.The Runaway Bride
The Master proclaims 'here come the drums'.The Sound of Drums
The first time we actually see River Song in the astronaut suit.The Wedding of River Song
The Doctor takes Vincent van Gogh to the Musee d'Orsay.Vincent and the Doctor
The Doctor accepts his fate and chooses to die to save Wilfred.The End of Time: Part Two
Abigail Pettigrew sings for the last time.A Christmas Carol
Colonel Mace reveals that UNIT has possession of the Valiant.The Poison Sky
The No. 200 bus returns safely to Earth.Planet of the Dead
The RAF is recruited to attack the Dalek spaceship.Victory of the Daleks

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