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Small mammals entomb settlement.
Midweek in steel city.
Always this weight.
Brothers Jack and Bobby getting fit.
Auto's small contrast in large town.
Place weight easterly.
How fast do ships sail in this borough?
Combined to quicken Escort.
Looking at book? Doesn't sound like it.
Part of country where Wednesday play United and Barnsley play Rotherham United.
Gather together for journey around dock.
Half of Bond's motor at holiday home.
Sounds like cover for harbour.
Agreement in city of steel.
Sever earth.
Settlement where witches' plant can be found.
Optimum serving of meat.
Fort refreshed and collated.
Joined in Mr Cushing's district.
Harrison, Gerald or Henry?
District known for era of Fry and Spielberg.
Foundry's barrier.
GB of old preferred by actors Richard and Amanda.
Creepy movement of settlement.
Sounds like community with the earlier blast.
Catch chocolate in your hair.
Sounds like place for departer.
North west city's only meadow.
Fuel urban area.
Lagoon for Cilla.
Journalistic unit found in upper extremity.
Principal cast members stuck together.
Ignite funnyman Evans.
May find maze in this glass house.
Workers helping singer Miss Burke.
Congregated for fly fishing in JR's pond.
Team from the repository.
Wardens of royal recreation area.
In urban area you'll find birds in the drink.
Sounds like place to turn joint on and off.
Drifters who appoint crime bosses.
Entrance designed for boatyard.
Escort for The Office manager David.
Possible wife of Sir Bernard?
Lower limits brought together.

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