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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Tommy Oliver?

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Tommy Moved To Angel Grove & Wasn't Long Before He Was Chosen To Be The
Mighty Morphin Power Ranger and Piloting The
However He Became A Ranger Because
Put A
On Him, His First Mission Was To Destroy The
He Was Later Freed & Joined The Side Of Good However A
Almost Took Away His
But To Protect His Powers He Gave His
To Fellow Ranger
Other Ranger Team Members Include
And Lastly His First Crush
Later Because Of A Monster Made By
His Powers Were Gone For Good, But Not For Long As He Soon Became The
Ranger and Using An Enchanted Sword Called
Tommy Became The Leader Of The Rangers & Called Upon The
Later These Three New Rangers Took Over As Red, Black & Yellow
Eventually Tommy And The Others Got New
Powers When Their Zords Were Destroyed By
Tommy Gained Control Of The
Zord. Eventually A Woman Named
Was Brainwashed By The Two Bad Guys And Eventually She Defected To The Rangers Team Becoming The New Pink Ranger. During Said Time Tommy Also Got Control Of The White
Later After Being Turned Into A Child By
Tommy & The Other Rangers Minus One Who Was Turned Back To Normal Age Went On A Quest To Find A Piece Of The Legendary
Later After Being Returned To His Normal Age Tommy Became The
Zeo Ranger And Piloted These Zords
Which Looked Like A
As Well He Piloted The
And Finally The
He Also Gained New Ranger Friend In
Battling Against The
Later Tommy Became The
Ranger, Piloting The
This Time Battling A Space Pirate Named
Eventually Tommy Would Graduate High School & Pass Along His Powers To
While At College Tommy Studied To Become A
Eventually He Discovered Three
Knowing They Could Be Dangerous In The Wrong Hands Tommy Hid Them. One Day He Was Attacked By A Villain Called
Before The Above Villain Returned Tommy Lead
In An Epic Battle Against The Remaining Forces Of The
Whom Tommy Battled Years Prior. Finally One Day
Returned & Tommy Was Both A
Now He Lead
By First Being Their Mentor Then Later Gained New Ranger Powers Becoming The
Ranger & Piloted The
He Also Mentored The New White Ranger
Later After
Was Defeated Tommy Retired As A Ranger Until One Day An Alien Armada Invades Earth And Somehow Using His Old
Ranger Powers Which Were Lost Tommy Returned Leading
To Help The Current Defenders Of Earth The
Power Rangers. After It Was All Said & Done Tommy Along With The Others Said Their Good Byes & Left. Type The End
Bonus: His Wild West Ancestor Was The
Bonus: His Brother He Found Out About In Zeo

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