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Can you name the words that start with the letter 'Z'?

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Clue'Z' word
Lots; a large number
It fastens your jacket
He's an Invader
Fervor or strong belief in an idea
Musician/director Rob, or a popular horror movie subject
'Chuck' star Levi, or President Taylor
Microsoft's response to the iPod
A green veggie
Set of twelve constellations said to determine fate
US postal service catalogue system
Bearded blues/rock trio
Lighter brand
King of the ancient Greek Gods
Element #30
Clue'Z' word
A 'Legend-ary' princess
'AVATAR' star Saldana or 'Baby Blues' daughter
African Country
African Country
'God's wounds,' or a hearing aid company
Former African Country
A stringed musical instrument
The largest South African ethnic group, or a 1964 Cy Endfield movie
Striped equid
The initial cell in a new lifeform's development
The study of animals
Marley or Stardust
Ancient population indigenous to the Valley of Oaxaca
Croatia capital
Sleepy letters, goodnight!

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