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Certificate of debt
Any retirement plan offered by a company to its employees
A retirement plan designed for self-employed people
The degree to which an investment's return or value may change
A person or group to receive some or all of a deceased person's assets
The income that an investment produces
An individual or firm that buys and sells stocks for clients according to their instructions
A personal savings plan in which contributions are not tax-deductible
Bonds issued by the U.S. government
Land and any structures on it
A collection of investments
A retirement plan to which the employee contributes on a pretax basis
A group of investments held in common by many individual investors
A legal document assigning someone the right to act on a person's behalf
A payment for shareholders that represents a portion of the company's net profits
The possibility of variation in the return on your investment
A strategy of making a variety of investments in order to reduce your exposure to risk
An investor who purchases shares of stock
A legal document in which a person directs how his or her estate is to be distrbuted after death
Basic economic goods bought and sold in quantity
The assets and liabilities left behind by a deceased person
Bonds issued by local and state governments
The individual in charge of handling the affairs of an estate
A legal document that provides potential investors with information about a security
The organized trading of stocks
Individual unit of ownership in a corporation

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