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Can you name the answers if given two hints, from two different categories??

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Hint 1AnswerHint 2
MATH: 992 times 2LITERATURE: Dystopian novel by George Orwell
LANGUAGE: The only multisyllabic letterPOLITICS: Nickname of the 43rd U.S. President
MYTHOLOGY: Accompanied Jason on his journeysSPORTS: Nickname of Toronto's CFL team.
HISTORY: Famous assassinated Austrian ArchdukeMUSIC: A Scottish band who did 'Take Me Out'
MOVIES: Best Picture of 2006 about tension in L.A.GAMING: Name of a videogame Bandicoot
MAGAZINES: The magazine to read if you're looking for fifty ways to please your manDRINKS: Mixed drink using vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice
GEOGRAPHY: A Eurasian countryANIMALS: A Thanksgiving bird
HISTORY: Ethnicity of Cyrus the Great and Xerxes IVIDEO GAMES: Pokémon feline that evolves from Meowth
ASTRONOMY: Brightest star in the night skyLITERATURE: The first name of Harry Potter's godfather
MYTHOLOGY: Nymph who could only repeat others' wordsLANGUAGE: 'E' in the NATO phonetic alphabet
SPORTS: Jersey number of Wayne GretskyMUSIC: Number of problems Jay-Z has
RELIGION: Major Hindu deity known as the DestroyerVIDEO GAMES: Summonable ice creature in various Final Fantasy games
HOLIDAY: Year Earth Day was foundedHISTORY: Year of the Apollo 13 incident
MOVIES: Tom Cruise's callsign in Top GunPOLITICS: A term for an unpredictable politician, often given to Sen. John McCain
SCIENCE: _______ Project which designed the atomic bombGEOGRAPHY: The smallest of New York's boroughs by area
COMICS: Crime boss who is Daredevil's archnemesisMOVIES: 1996 Bill Murray comedy about bowling
MUSIC: Beatles song overdubbed with birdsongMILITARY: Nickname for the Lockheed SR-71 recon aircraft
GEOGRAPHY: Nation south of Libya and east of NigerSPORTS: First name of Patriots receiver Ochocinco
TV: Terry O'Quinn's character in LostPHILOSOPHY: Author of Two Treatises of Government
TV: A starvin' Ethiopian child befriended by the South Park boysLITERATURE: Depressed android from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
MATH: Groundbreaking mathematical treatise by EuclidSCIENCE: Silver and xenon, among others
LANGUAGE: Spanish word for 'wolf'COMICS: DC Comics' over-the-top antihero and bounty hunter
RELIGION: Cousin and son-in-law of MohammadMOVIE: Aladdin's pseudonym while a prince
VIDEO GAMES: First name of Capcom's Ace AttorneyMYTHOLOGY: Bird that is reborn in its own ashes
GEOGRAPHY: Second largest city in New York StateANIMALS: One name for an endangered North American bovine

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