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Can you name the answers pertaining to famous American political scandals?

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HintAnswerParty affected
Governor who tried to sell Barack Obama's vacant Senate seatDemocratic
White House Intern that had an affair with President ClintonDemocratic
CIA operative outed by a Bush administration officialRepublican
Nixon's resignation stemmed from a scandal based around this hotelRepublican
Congressman who propositioned Congressional pages over AIMRepublican
Senator who fled from a car accident that left a woman deadDemocratic
Island where the car crash occurredDemocratic
VP who accidently shot a friend while hunting quailRepublican
The FBI found a stash of frozen bribe money in this Represenative's freezerDemocratic
Senator who propositioned an undercover officer in an airport bathroomRepublican
HintAnswerParty affected
Senator who cheated on his wife with cancer with a campaign workerDemocratic
Attorney General who fired US attorneys for political reasonsRepublican
Congressman who accepted bribes in exchange for government contractsRepublican
Governor who was a client of a high-priced prostitution ringDemocratic
Scandal in which the Reagan administration traded 'arms for hostages'Republican
Presidential candidate photographed on a boat called 'Monkey business' with an attractive modelDemocratic
Scandal revolving around the Clintons' involvement in a real estate schemeDemocratic
Lobbyist found guilty of conspiracy, tax evasion, corruption of over a dozen congressmenRepublican
House Majority Leader indicted for his involvement in the above scandalRepublican
Controversial pastor whose sermons Obama attended for almost two decades Democratic

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