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Occasionally, Boo will laugh without causing a power surge
Why are there horses on a planet where only chimps and humans crashed?
Since Octavius needs Peter alive and doesn't know his secret, is throwing a car at him the best idea?
Khan recognizes Chekov, even though they never met in the original series.
Come on, could YOU live your life for months without realizing your own wife can't see you?
For someone who's shunned by society, he sure finds a lot of huge blocks of ice at the end
So the planet-destroying weapon couldn't destroy the Rebels because a planet was in the way?
Why does Leonard remember he can't form memories? That sounds like a memory.
Only organic tissue can time travel. But what about that cop made of liquid metal?
How did Andy fasten down all four corners of the poster once he was in the tunnel?
How did the thieves get those fliers in the casino vault in the first place?
Plot HoleMovie
How did the reporters learn the title character's last word when he died alone?
I don't remember all my high school friends, but I think I'd remember the one identical to my son.
Why would someone who insists they aren't a toy freeze around humans?
That memory with his mom was nice. But why did Snape have it?
Nuclear power? Geothermal? Oh, I guess humans make a good power source. Sorry thermodynamics.
That last scene with Edward is surprisingly sparkle-free.
Bond somehow doesn't recognize Blofeld, despite having met in the previous movie.
So no one in Gotham boiled water for weeks as the fear toxins were being dumped in the water supply?
Those aliens seem pretty smart. Invading a planet that was 70% water without body armor was not.
Of course a 1990's Mac could give an advanced alien ship a virus! Right?

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